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ULAT Dryer Balls

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ULAT Dryer Balls has led the evolution of wool dryer balls globally. As a social enterprise, ULAT is setting the example of how our simple innovation has propelled circular living and has charged a global movement from the laundry room. ULAT is the original and only patented wool dryer ball in the world, established in 2011, and is a collective eco system where everyone involved benefits and prospers. 

Award winning and partnership focused, we are proud to continue as an owner operated organization that puts people, planet and all that inhabit it first in everything we do. ULAT’s community and support stretches globally and we look forward to continuing our growth while maintaining our Canadian commitments. It’s rare that all parties from start to finish can be part of the win-win with a product. ULAT is proof that can exist and be approved by Mother Nature. Our products are for those seeking to reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and embrace a beautiful natural lifestyle with their laundry.

3 balls is all you need for one load.

Making ULAT the most cost effective, material efficient and ethical.

OUR VALUES ARE IN OUR NAME ULAT Unique. Living. Appreciated. Transparent.