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La Llorona Weeping Rose Sticker

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Weeping Rose - Sticker

The curse of La Llorona is a gripping tale. Especially for children. This high quality vinyl sticker is ready for anything, Slap it anywhere to remind people the weeping woman is looking for more souls.

4” All purpose sticker

The Legend of La Llorona

In a small, poor village lived a beautiful, young woman named Maria. One day, a wealthy traveler came through her town. Maria’s beauty instantly captivated the man. Their love quickly blossomed and the man soon proposed. The entranced couple married and had two children together.

The man traveled often and was seldom home for the family. When he returned, he would give all his attention was given to the children. This troubled Maria. She slowly began to realize their love was fading.

Maria and her children were out for a walk when the man made an unexpected return. This time however, he had returned with more than his luggage. Sitting next to the man was a younger, more attractive woman. He ignored Maria, approached his children and told them he would never be returning to this village.

In an envious rage, Maria threw her sons in the nearby river. The children drowned as they were swept away in the current. Realizing the atrocity she had just committed Maria immediately began to weep and search for her lost children. She searched and searched until she disappeared into the desert horizon.

It's believed you can still hear her cries as she haunts the rivers, ditches and arroyos looking for her lost children.