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Burrito Blanket

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Is your burrito too hot to handle? Do you need it to stay warmer for longer? Look to the Seraparito. It fits perfectly around burritos to help keep it warm while you’re traveling or eating and when you’re finished, wrap it around your drink.

Stay festive no matter where you go. These patterns brings some fun to every meal and the insulated fabric underneath the keeps things warm things warm and cold things cold. Seraparitos are the adjustable, flexible and fun way to keeps food and drinks the way you want it while giving off a festive flare.


  • Fits perfectly around burritos, bottles and cans

  • Adjustable velcro for easy wrapping and unwrapping

  • Keeps cool things cool & warm thing warm

  • Enhances the flavor of anything it’s on

Materials & Such

Made from the super-insulator known as neoprene – the same stuff used in wetsuits to keep you warm. On each ends of the burrito blanket you’ll find velcro tabs. This offers great adjustability and allows it to fit around burritos, bottles and cans. It’s as versatile as the original falsa and serape blankets it was inspired by.

Not microwaveable or dishwasher safe. Hand washed only. Seraparitos are 100% food safe.